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27-March-07  Wipeout Pulse .

SCE Liverpool team is making a new game in the Wipeout franchise : Pulse . The name was revealed last weekend at a European convention by a Sony spokesman . Hopefully this new iteration will be at least as good as the latest game in the series : Pure . No date or media was revealed . ( Via IGN ) .

Posted by: hunter_alien

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hide/show - comment by: ToAks
Omg! , i can't even think how good the ps3 version will be :-)


hide/show - comment by: power
Yeah , and btw there are some screenshots to , i found tham later :)


hide/show - comment by: hunter_alien
Sorry , thats was me , but i dont know why it says power :?


hide/show - comment by: CPUGenuis
I really hope that this also comes out for the psp, otherwise i will be sad t_t


hide/show - comment by: ToAks
Hopefully yes!





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