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23-August-08  New PSP 3000 Officially Announced!

A new version of the PlayStation Portable has now been officially announced. The PSP 3000 will be available at the end of October this year and feature the following enhancements:

- Build in microphone
- Better colors
- Screen more visible in sunlight
- Home button is now replaced with a button carrying the PlayStation Logo

And as you can read in their press release Sony is not about to give up on the PSP, even though the games are heavily pirated.

SCEE will continue to expand the PSP platform and create a new world of entertainment with the new PSP, together with the strong lineup of forthcoming titles for the peak season. "

Below is a comparison of the PSP 2000 and the PSP 3000, notice how the screen of the new version looks much better.

For more images, check the forum: PSP 3000 Images

Posted by: Atr1

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hide/show - comment by: s2000king
Im soooooo ungrading my phat for this!!!!!!!!!!!!


hide/show - comment by: Atr1
Yeah, i'm glad i didn't bought the slim psp 2000.





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Im soooooo ungrading my phat ..
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